We work with any grassroots group working for social change. For example, we work with community organisers, local campaigns, activist groups, and housing co-ops. If you’re not sure if your group or situation is one that fits with what we are offering, please get in touch and we can talk about it.

We offer our facilitation for free to unfunded groups, however we’d ask that you cover our travel costs.

We could support you through:

  • mediation/facilitation for a conflict or difficult conversation
  • developing your capacity for handling conflict in an ongoing way, through training or by helping your group develop its own process for engaging with conflict

Email us at: amn@riseup.net if you would like our support or want to find out more.

If you’d like us to support your group, please include this information in the email:

  • a little bit about the situation
  • where you are geographically
  • a contact phone number

We look forward to hearing from you.